What Was the Name of Moses Father in Law

What Was the Name of Moses Father-in-Law?

Moses, one of the most significant figures in the Bible, played a crucial role in the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. As his story unfolds, we come across several notable characters, one of whom is his father-in-law. The name of Moses’ father-in-law was Jethro, also known as Reuel. Jethro was a Midianite priest and the father of Zipporah, Moses’ wife.

Jethro’s first encounter with Moses is recorded in the book of Exodus, where Moses fled from Egypt after killing an Egyptian taskmaster who was mistreating an Israelite slave. Moses settled in Midian, where he saved Jethro’s daughters from some shepherds who were harassing them. Impressed by Moses’ bravery and kindness, Jethro invited him to his home and eventually gave his daughter Zipporah to Moses in marriage.

Jethro played a significant role in Moses’ life, offering him valuable advice and guidance. When Moses was leading the Israelites through the wilderness, Jethro visited him and witnessed the immense responsibility Moses had assumed. Seeing Moses trying to judge every dispute and settle every matter, Jethro advised him to delegate his authority to capable individuals. This advice led to the establishment of a hierarchical system of judges, alleviating Moses’ burden and ensuring a more efficient administration of justice.

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Jethro’s wisdom and counsel were highly regarded by Moses, making him an important figure in the biblical narrative. His presence not only supported Moses but also contributed to the overall development and success of the Israelites during their journey to the Promised Land.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is Jethro’s name sometimes referred to as Reuel?
Jethro is sometimes called Reuel because Reuel was his given name. Jethro is believed to be a title or an honorary name given to him later.

2. What does the name Jethro mean?
The name Jethro means “his excellence,” “his abundance,” or “his superiority.”

3. Was Jethro a follower of the Israelite God?
Jethro is commonly considered a worshipper of God, as he acknowledges God’s greatness and offers sacrifices to Him.

4. Did Jethro play any other significant roles in the Bible?
Apart from being Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro’s advice on establishing a judicial system had a lasting impact on the Israelites.

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5. How many daughters did Jethro have?
Jethro had seven daughters, one of whom was Zipporah, who married Moses.

6. Did Jethro have any sons?
While Jethro’s sons are not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, it is believed that he had at least one son named Hobab.

7. Was Jethro a priest of the Midianites?
Yes, Jethro is described as a priest of Midian, indicating his religious role and influence.

8. Did Jethro continue to support Moses after their initial meeting?
Yes, Jethro maintained a close relationship with Moses and later visited him to offer counsel and support.

9. Did Jethro witness any of the miracles performed by Moses?
While the Bible does not specifically mention Jethro witnessing any miracles, it is likely that he heard about or witnessed some of the miracles performed during the Exodus.