How Long Does Employment Arbitration Take

How Long Does Employment Arbitration Take?

Employment arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method used to resolve workplace conflicts outside of the traditional court system. It offers a more efficient and cost-effective approach to resolving employment disputes, but one common question that arises is, “how long does employment arbitration take?” In this article, we will explore the factors that influence the duration of employment arbitration and provide answers to frequently asked questions about the process.

Factors Affecting the Duration of Employment Arbitration:

1. Complexity of the Case: The complexity of the employment dispute plays a significant role in determining how long the arbitration process will take. More complex cases involving multiple claims, extensive evidence, and numerous witnesses may require a longer period to reach a resolution.

2. Cooperation of the Parties: The willingness of both parties to cooperate and participate in the arbitration process can greatly impact its duration. If the parties are uncooperative or fail to provide necessary information in a timely manner, it can lead to delays.

3. Selection of Arbitrator: The process of selecting an arbitrator can also affect the timeline. The availability of the chosen arbitrator and the scheduling of hearings and conferences can impact the overall duration of the arbitration process.

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4. Number of Hearings: The number of hearings required to hear the case can significantly impact the time taken for employment arbitration. Some cases may require multiple hearings to allow both parties to present their arguments and evidence fully.

5. Discovery Process: The discovery process, which involves gathering evidence and information relevant to the case, can also affect the duration of employment arbitration. The time taken for each party to complete their discovery obligations can vary, leading to potential delays.

6. Settlement Discussions: If the parties engage in settlement discussions during the arbitration process, it can lead to a quicker resolution. However, if settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, the arbitration process will continue until a final decision is reached.

7. Availability of Witnesses: The availability of witnesses, including expert witnesses, can impact the timeline of employment arbitration. Coordinating schedules and ensuring the presence of witnesses during hearings can lead to time delays.

8. Process for Document Exchange: The exchange of documents and evidence between the parties can also affect the duration of employment arbitration. Parties must adhere to deadlines and promptly provide requested documents to avoid unnecessary delays.

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9. Post-Hearing Briefs and Closing Arguments: After the hearings, parties may be given an opportunity to submit post-hearing briefs or closing arguments. The time taken to prepare and submit these documents can prolong the arbitration process.


1. How long does employment arbitration typically take?
The duration of employment arbitration varies depending on the complexity of the case, cooperation of parties, and other factors. On average, it can take anywhere from several months to over a year.

2. Can the parties agree on a time limit for employment arbitration?
Yes, the parties can agree on a time limit for arbitration. This can help expedite the process and provide a clear timeline for resolution.

3. Is employment arbitration faster than going to court?
In most cases, employment arbitration is faster than going to court. Court cases can take years to reach a resolution, whereas arbitration typically takes months.

4. Can the arbitrator expedite the process?
Yes, the arbitrator has the authority to expedite the process if both parties agree or if there are exceptional circumstances.

5. Are there any rules or guidelines for employment arbitration timelines?
There are no specific rules or guidelines for employment arbitration timelines, as it largely depends on the factors mentioned earlier.

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6. Can the duration of employment arbitration be extended?
Yes, the duration of employment arbitration can be extended if both parties agree or if unforeseen circumstances arise.

7. Can the arbitrator make the process faster?
The arbitrator can make the process faster by managing the proceedings efficiently, setting strict deadlines, and encouraging the parties to cooperate.

8. Can I withdraw from employment arbitration if it takes too long?
The ability to withdraw from employment arbitration depends on the terms of the arbitration agreement and the stage of the process. Consult with legal counsel to understand your options.

9. What happens if the arbitrator exceeds the agreed-upon timeframe?
If the arbitrator exceeds the agreed-upon timeframe, it may be possible to challenge the award or seek remedies through the court system.

In conclusion, the duration of employment arbitration varies depending on various factors. While it generally offers a quicker resolution compared to the traditional court process, the complexity of the case, cooperation of the parties, and other factors can influence the timeline. Understanding these factors and seeking legal advice will help parties navigate the arbitration process effectively.