How Can a Father Get Out of Paying Child Support

Title: How Can a Father Get Out of Paying Child Support?


Child support is a legal obligation that ensures both parents contribute financially to their child’s upbringing. However, there may be instances where a father seeks to escape his responsibility. While it is important to understand that evading child support is illegal and unethical, this article aims to address the question: How can a father get out of paying child support?

1. Can a father simply refuse to pay child support?

No, refusing to pay child support is a violation of the law. Non-payment can result in various consequences, such as wage garnishment, suspension of driver’s license, seizure of tax returns, and even imprisonment.

2. Can a father avoid child support by quitting his job?

Quitting a job to evade child support is not a viable solution. Courts can impute income based on the father’s earning capacity, which means the court can assign an income to the father regardless of his employment status.

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3. Can a father claim bankruptcy to avoid child support payments?

Child support debt is generally not dischargeable through bankruptcy. The court considers the child’s welfare as a priority, ensuring that support obligations are met.

4. Can a father avoid child support by giving up parental rights?

A father cannot escape child support obligations by voluntarily giving up parental rights. Termination of parental rights typically requires another individual willing to adopt the child and assume financial responsibility.

5. Can a father avoid child support by proving the child is not biologically his?

If the father has legally established paternity, he cannot avoid child support by questioning the child’s biological relationship. Once paternity is determined, the father has ongoing financial obligations.

6. Can a father evade child support by moving to another state or country?

Child support enforcement agencies have reciprocal agreements across states and internationally to ensure support obligations are upheld. Moving jurisdictions does not exempt a father from his legal responsibility.

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7. Can a father escape child support by staying unemployed?

A father cannot shirk child support responsibilities by remaining unemployed. The courts may impute income based on the father’s earning potential, ensuring the child’s financial needs are met.

8. Can a father avoid child support by reaching a private agreement with the custodial parent?

Private agreements between parents are not legally binding. Child support orders issued by the court supersede any informal arrangements, ensuring consistency and the child’s best interests.

9. Can a father avoid child support if he has custody of the child?

Child support is typically determined based on the custodial arrangement and the income disparity between parents. However, even if the father has custody, he may still be entitled to receive child support if the other parent has a higher income.


While it may be tempting for some fathers to seek ways to avoid child support, it is essential to understand that such actions are illegal and not in the best interest of the child. Child support serves as a vital means of ensuring the child’s well-being and covering necessary expenses. Courts are committed to enforcing child support obligations to guarantee the child receives financial support from both parents.

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